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hey, your stories are very important!

Hey, I'm not yet 18, but I'm writing a book about breakups from people in middle school to people in college. So if you're from the ages of 11-22, I need your breakup stories. They don't even have to be breakup stories, they can be dating stories. They can be stories about friends who broke up, or things you did on the rebound...ANYTHING.

It's important, especially, to say how you felt in the situation. (ie: regrets, feelings, being happy about it.)

THE NAMES WILL BE CHANGED. If there are any concerns, feel free to ask me what to change and what not to change. I want to make it so nobody knows who is writing theset stories. However, you will probably be able to tell if the book gets published. So please write in. Thanks!

you can reach me by my email address or just leave a comment with your story. You can also check out more information by clicking my livejournal profile. Thanks.
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