Awne (aurorafaery) wrote in theexfactor,


Hey is my story as short as possible.

I dated..loved..was going to marry ...we had already had our children named ..for two years...a guy named X.

X works 7 days a week as an intern for a very large firm. He is very stressed out..i haven't seen him in 6 months since he started work...but at one time he loved me.

He decided to break up with me because he could not be there for me...and he stopped loving me.

But the bastard still calls me up...calling me by my pet names..saying that in a year he wants to move to seattle and live with me after he has saved some money to take the bar up here.

I am so confused. He says he wants to live with me in a year...but he doesn't love me? What if I date other people??? What?????

If any one knows how to decode guy language please help me...
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