Sammie (jadedxeyes) wrote in theexfactor,

I'm new

I suppose what I'm going to put down is going to sound...I don't know odd. When it happened I could only think of those bad teenybopper movies, with the cheerleaders..And the..Argh. I just couldn't believe something like that could happened to me.

My boyfriend Tristan had been real important to me. He wasn't my first boyfriend exactly, but he was the first one I felt totally comfortable with. Even though I was young, and I still am very young..I felt that I might even marry him. I was so wrapped up in him that I had such an idiotic idea. Now I feel so stupid when I look back on it.

I went to an AAR concert with him, my best friend Tara, and his friend Justin (who Tara had been dating at the time). I lost Tristan and the rest of them somehow, and I finally did find Tristan. I found him with my best friend. I don't want to say 'I found my best friend and boyfriend making out'..Because it sounds so..I don't know how to explain. It sound so ugly. If you get what I mean by that. I mayb not want to say it, but it's what happened.

I stopped talking to them two of them not so long after the incident. This happened a little while back ago and I thought I was over it, but now with them trying to re-enter my life, I feel like it's happened all over again.
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