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here's a trick that you can do at home.

i'm tired of feeling like shit over my exes. so on the way home i thought of something that could help our poor angsting selves out of our collective well of sadness.

Menu to Moving on (a little from column A, a little from Column B):

1. take a sheet of paper divide it into two columns, leave enough room for your answers because you will have to cut them out later

2. in the first column, write down a list of things that you enjoyed doing BEFORE you met your object(s) d' angst (hobbies/special events/favorite places you liked to go) specifically alone or with platonic friends.
write down as many as you can think of and as many as you can fit, but there has to be at LEAST five things on the list. Remember your life before you even heard of or even thought about this specific person..go back as many years as you want or need to, it doesnt matter if it was during a time when you were coupled up, the fact is is that this was YOUR life apart from being in a relationship.

3. In the second column, write down just as many things about your exe(s) that you couldn't stand, truly hated about them or just creeped you out...what annoying habits did they have? why couldn't you take them anywhere? how did they cramp your style? what the fizzuck was their damage anyways? Be honest with yourself, think carefully and clearly, no one will see this and its just YOU and this piece of paper.

4. Cut out your answers and separate the responses from column A and column B, then get another sheet of paper and write:

Right Now, You could be living your life doing Column A ::

[ response A], [ response B], or even [response C]

But Instead you are here thinking/crying/obsessing over a person/people in Column B who :

[response D], [response E], [response F]

Ask yourself, Why are you letting a person/people like that have control over your life? Why are they even important to you? You lived a life before you knew them...what's stopping you now?!

make a few copies of this sheet if you have to, you probably have plenty of answers to fill in the blanks with, so take any three from column A and glue/tape/staple them in the spaces for responses, and do the same with the column B answers in the designated spots. do this with as many of the copies you have of this sheet until you run out of answers to place on them.

5. Take a deep breath and read the finished sheets out loud to yourself and or around supportive friends. As you are doing that, tape them up around your living space where you can see them and leave them up until the truth seeps into you.

6. (optional) or just turn it into another damned Livejournal meme trend...i dont care just as long as we all realize that we lived before and we will live again, and that only WE have the right to have control over our lives and destinies...

7. believe what you wrote and did tonight. (oops sorry, this is for me.)

just trying to help.
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