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alright so im new to this comunity.. its not my first time writing in one of these things though.. it just seems the advice people give me is not helping... maybe its just not what i want to hear.. i dont know. but im so confused i dont know what to do!like i so desperatly want to move on but i just cant! its been almost 3 months since me and me ex broke up.. WHY AM I STILL MISERABLE! i still cry everynight.. i can never NOT think of him.. i love him so much why cant he see??? he has a new girlfriend and there "serious" so he says.. and we dont even talk anymore.. we went out for more than a year and he cant even talk to me anymore! i hate him so much but yet i love him with everything in me! please somebody tell me what i should do! im going insane! i miss him so much!!!
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